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CGA  Solutions LLC


CGA Solutions was created over 15 years ago in the heart of Orange County, CA. Our sole purpose has and will always be, to help companies gain visibility into their industry. To provide solutions in all areas that may be lacking in technological tools and efficient business processes. We started because we experienced and have witnessed the gaps that are preventing businesses from maximum production and rising to the next level of success. 

CGA Solutions was created to help people, helping other people. We understand that everyone running a business started because of purpose. Our goal is to advance those goals and help fulfill that purpose, with ease and integrity. Providing sound solutions for small to medium sized companies means growing and expanding a company, and helping them reach their vision. We won’t let the lack of technology slow anyone down. 

Our purpose is to provide companies with the tools and solutions that empower and drive business forward. As we grow, so will all companies be growing with us. We are CGA Solutions and we were created for you. 


We are the Solution you have been looking for!

We Are A Leading Southern California Based IT Solutions Company don’t worry! Contact us, we can help!!

We will schedule a free on-site CGA SOLUTIONS GAP ANALYSIS.  Let us find the GAP and bridge it with one of our solutions.

15 Years In Business Providing Technology Solutions to Businesses and Residential Customers

Southern California Based Company Serving Orange County and surounding areas

Expert Employees In the industries we support

Recognition from top customers in the industry

Point A-Z! We are bridging that GAP in technology for you.

What’s next?


You have discovered a GAP?

If you are reading this, You are in need of help.  You may have realized you need a new way of doing things for your company?  Software? Hardware? Don’t know what your lacking, You need a full GAP analysis to find your GAP?

You have come to the right place! Let one of our Industry solutions experts help. We got your back. 100% we can help.


Now What?

Now for the easy part! Contact CGA SOLUTIONS and let us do the hard part for you. Our CGA GAP analysis will find the GAP for you.

We have BRIDGED the GAP for companies and organizations just link you.  We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing us for your Solution needs.


Kick Your Feet up!

Sit back and relax, no need to worry about it. One of our wonderful staff members will reach out with Next steps or a confirmation of your free on-site analysis.

We will make this process as easy as possible for you. We will also walk you through every step of the process. We want to ensure we provide the necessary education  so that you feel confident in the decision you are making!


CGA Solutions leads the way in business technology solutions for small and medium sized companies, all over Orange County, CA. We strive to pursue solutions for every company in need of technology enhancements that improve business productivity and workflow efficiency. It takes commitment and passion to uncover the underlying gaps, and that’s what we’re here for. CGA Solutions created a sound methodology that will not only identify your business gaps but also fill them with tomorrow’s technology.